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  • Bluehost

    There’s plenty of hosting options out there today, but one piece of advice I have to pass along – ALWAYS


    Don’t get me wrong, website companies like Squarespace and Weebly make it easy for new entrepreneurs,
    but they make it hell when you’re trying to leave (and you will when you see all the benefits of


    Moral of the story – WordPress is not as difficult as it seems. There’s plenty of online freelancers
    that can help with this.


    Try, or if it makes you feel more comfortable – here’s the guy that designed this page.


    I’ve tried a few different email marketing systems, and read about all whole lot more.


    In other words, I’m not an expert – but I do know that ConvertKit has everything you need.


    From pre-built landing pages and email capture forms to sales sequences that keep selling, ConvertKit is
    a pillar of “passive income”.


    Ever heard the term, money’s in the list? Sure you have, because that’s what all the pros say.


    And for good reason, it simply works. Have I ever told you that email marketing has a 40% higher
    conversion rate that Social Media Marketing?


    Crazy, I know. Get over to today and start growing your list.


    The lifesaver for non-techies, IFTTT makes anybody look like a coding wizard.


    I personally use this software in my everyday life, and it honestly puts days back in my weeks.


    Yes, you read that correctly – DAYS, back into WEEKS.


    Don’t believe me? Check it out.

    Google Boomerang

    I can’t say enough good things about this product.


    Not only does it replace my to-do list, but it also lets me write emails at any time…


    And that’s all great, but I really like it for the productivity processes.


    Whether it’s a recurring email that reminds me to make my car payment on the 21st of every month, or if
    it’s my Tuesday Morning Blog reminder – I couldn’t live without it.


    (Alternative – I’ve personally never used, but I’ve heard great things about it. I think
    it’s equivalent to boomerang, just gives you the option of sending from your phone).